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Associazione Italo-Americana

February 8, 2021 - 18:30 - American Foreign Policy Series

SAIS Europe Faculty Panel - America and the World after January 6, 2021
Raffaella Baritono, Full Professor of U.S. History, School of Political Science, University of Bologna

hosted by Professor John L. Harper

Justin O. Frosini
Adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe; Director of the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development
John L. Harper
Chair: Senior Adjunct Professor of American Foreign Policy and Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University
Michael Leigh
Academic Director, Master of Arts in European Public Policy; Senior Adjunct Professor of European and Eurasian Studies, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe; Senior Fellow, Bruegel, Belgium

Supported by the Associazione di cultura e di studio italo-americana Luciano Finelli Friends of the Johns Hopkins University.

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